Our Standards

We strive to provide a perfect balance between open source and enterprise level technologies in order to meet budgetary constraints without compromising requirements for system stability and resilience.
Our expert solutions provide total oversight for managers, developers and IT specialists by comprising best in class actionable real time business and systems analytics.


Our mission is to provide state of the art enterprise class level information system solutions that are flexible, cost effective, and resilient. We do this by combining enterprise level and open source technologies into a perfect matrimony to suit the special needs of each of our customers. 

Whether it's budgetary restrictions, aggressive SLA's or availability requirements, we can put together the perfect package to suit your information and infrastructure needs.

No customer is either too big or small for our tailored solutions; from architecture and design to implementation and development, and even maintenance and monitoring, we at OpenCloud, Corp. have the right solution for you.


Short Description

We strive to find your perfect balance between open source and enterprise technologies. Our expert solutions provide total oversight for managers and staff


OpenCloud, Corp. was founded in the year 2013. This company was conceived after combining the passions of a very talented group of individuals. The group of founders, who are well known for their achievements in the private as well as the public sector, got together one fateful night, and they realized that there was myriad of inadequate and unstable solutions in the market. These poor solutions kept customers suffering day in and day out, due to trade-offs between licensing costs, poor development and implementation practices, and a severe lack of monitoring and stability controls. Thus, in the midst of their clamor OpenCloud was born.

We partnered with some of the best vendors in the industry in order to provide state of the art services that can accommodate the special requirements of each our customers. From the most ambitious capacity, scalability and availability demands, to the most constrained budgets, OpenCloud, Corp. has a solution for you.

Taking the technology to the next level...


Our aim is to become synonymous for cost effective, resilient, scalable, highly available and high performing enterprise level information system solutions. Our passion and intent is to make our services into an indispensable component for any mission critical IT operation, especially whenever stability is a concern..